About Litsje

There is just so many things to love. We love the art of browsing, shopping looking for the must haves the should haves and that feeling of accomplishment when you just know you found that item you just can’t live without.

We've made a list of resources we find helpful in our search for inspiration. Usually it’s something to do with either the kitchen, home, art ....... it's always a work in progress.

We love all things created... creative, from scrapbooking to designing cushions.

We even have a downloadable scrapbook collection for all those digi-scrappers to enjoy. Out of this love of being and doing all things creative we've found our niche and just end up loving what we're doing. We love mixing the old with the new. Updating styles into a bit more modern look, yet keeping that old nostaligic feeling.

The designing of notebooks and journals are another way getting the creative juices flowing. Any woman should have a notebook in her handbag to doodle, journal, make lists and just to be.

We've started with organizing cookbooks keeping the old family favourites together, with the not so tried outs to the good old faithfulls.This is such a creative outlet which sparked the designing of notebooks.